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 Our Rooms

Locker Room: Its almost time for big championship game to start with the schools biggest rivals. You notice the lucky ball is missing from the sidelines can you find the lucky ball before the championship games starts? Max Capacity 6 Difficulty Level 6/10

The Tomb: You have been sent on mission to find a long lost explorer. After locating the tomb you think he was last seen at, you find yourself locked in the same tomb. Can you find the way out before the air runs out or will they need to send someone to find you too? Max Capacity 6 Difficulty Level 7/10

Hack Saw: You wake to find yourself chained to the floor in an old bathroom, can you find the key to escape before your captor come back? As the time runs out it looks like the saw maybe your only option……Max Capacity 6 Difficulty Level 5/10

The Cabin: You received a frantic phone call from your journalist friend who has been researching a long abandoned haunted house deep in the woods. Something sinister is going on at the Cabin and he needs your help him escape. Can you find your him in time? Max Capacity 6 Difficulty Level 8.5/10

Witchy Business: It has been long rumored that a witch has been roaming the cemetery late at night looking for a powerful spell book. Can you find the book before she does? Max Capacity 6-8 Difficulty Level 8/10